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Welcome to The Lilac Museum!

We are delighted to welcome you to The Lilac Museum Website.

Our living museum will offer one of the largest lilac cultivars collection in the world;  more then 600 different lilacs planted in a magnificent park located on the banks of La Chaudière river in Saint-Georges. Paths lined with lilacs from Canadian, French, Russian and other breeders are awaiting you to dazzle your senses. Make sure to take your camera and a blanket along to rest in the cool grass and enjoy the scenery and perfumes.


A Unique experience

Our lilacs are in bloom from mid May to late June.

With its island and footbridges, its paths and its diversity of plants, the park will welcome
you alone or in groups and is accessible to people with physical limitations and wheelchairs.
Take a few minutes to explore this web site and discover what The Lilac Museum 
has to offer.

We invite you to explore our Website for more details.
Our mission

When completed, Saint-Georges will have one of the largest lilac collection in the world located in an urban setting, on flat ground, easily accessible with free access for the visitors who will come to admire this collection.

Many lilac cultivars will be added to the existing six hundred already planted, creating a unique, major and world famous touristic attraction.

This realization contributes to improve citizen’s quality of life, to promote sustainable development, to raise the citizen’s pride for their city, to beautify the urban environment and to create spaces where all generations can share activities.

The Lilac Museum is integrated to the city’s general development plan. It promotes the revival of the downtown area and makes this area greener and more attractive, the Chaudière river and its banks are enhanced.

This unique and rare lilac collection and the creation of an international touristic attraction meet sustainable development criteria.

Volunteers from all walks of life are included in the realization and lilac maintenance thereby promoting volunteering, increasing one’s sense of belonging, self esteem, and fulfilling the need to feel useful.  The idyllic setting fosters physical activity.

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A great educational value

The scope of the lilac collection has an invaluable educational value. Each plant will be identified with a plate displaying information on the cultivar.

General information panels will further the knowledge on lilacs. Ecology concepts and the respect for the environment   will be conveyed.

A large database was created. Its conservation and transmission will benefit current and future generations as well as the scientific community.

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Biodiversity preservation

The Lilac Museum preserves biodiversity by safeguarding a collection of unique and rare lilacs that could otherwise be lost.

In the Collection section of this web site one can find detailed information on each cultivar.

A map allows localization of a specific cultivar allowing one to prepare for the visit.

No other museum or botanical garden offers such detailed information.

The Lilac Museum has a unique lilac that was hybridized specifically in honor of the city, S. vulgaris Ville Saint-Georges, and will be available for purchase at La Fête des Parfums.

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